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More Downloads, Less Time!

The most popular file-sharing clients have now got their own just as popular boosters.
EZ Boosters are lightweight tools which employ high-end technology aiming to enhance the functionality of your file-sharing program and provide high-speed Internet access.
Whatever you want to call them - adds-on, plug-ins, tools, these programs are the pocket revolver, the ace up your sleeve, definitely a must have for anyone using a P2P file-sharing network.
Each product is designed and crafted to give the best results for the P2P application that is optimized for. Pick your choice from the list below and enjoy the experience:

Ares Galaxy EZ Booster Ares Galaxy EZ Booster is an effective add-on created to speed up your download Product Details
Azureus EZ Booster Azureus EZ Booster was developed for high speed downloads and advanced search Product Details
BearFlix EZ Booster BearFlix EZ Booster is a tool which prompts the full speed of your downloads Product Details
BitComet EZ Booster BitComet EZ Booster is an add-on acting as a truly download speed propeller Product Details
eMule EZ Booster eMule EZ Booster is a lightweight plug-in that further improves speed capacity Product Details
FrostWire EZ Booster FrostWire EZ Booster is a highly structured utility that speeds up downloads Product Details
LimeWire EZ Booster LimeWire EZ Booster is a very strong add-on, which maximizes the download speed Product Details

Featured Apps

Ares Galaxy EZ Booster Ares Galaxy EZ Booster
BitComet EZ Booster BitComet EZ Booster

Windows 8

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More Downloads, Less Time!

The process is quite simple: What these boosters basically do is place themselves between your P2P client and the network interface, which is automatically detected, and unthrottle the traffic to allow you full speed for your downloads.